The next level of adventure!

Take Charge!

Our training program helps gets kids motivated to 'take charge' of their own development and learn to become leaders as they engage in the most dynamic team games ever created!  



Our amazing games and group challenges are constantly evolving to create new levels of excitement while providing a natural platform for kids to improve their many skills and abilities, both physical and mental. Our program helps show kids how to be more aware of their actions and states of mind, so they can begin to take control, both as teammates as members of the larger community. 

For kids age 8-12 years old. 

Kids get exactly what they want in terms of excitement, challenge, and real-life camaraderie and connections through playing together with a common mission of inclusion and team-oriented actions.  

We hope to show kids all abilities that playing 'REAL' games and making real connections in is much more rewarding and powerful.  

When provided with the right mixture of truly awesome games that use the coolest equipment (the Zaber, Inflataballz, foam Zorballs) and good guidance - kids will respond with their own intrinsic motivation to push themselves further and reach to achieve their own Peak Performance

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Team Building

The Guardians program gets kids working together in teams to overcome both physical and strategic challenges. Whether it's crossing an imaginary river with limited supplies or capturing the crystal from the other team's base, kids learn to rely on each other and value the many differences that each person brings to the group.

Sports Skills

Every game, challenge, or activity involves the development of specific athletic skills and fitness. Kids improve their striking, throwing, and catching skills, as well as core balance, agility, jumping, landing, and overall strengh. Timing, reaction, and quickness are also improved on through the many action-packed games in the Challengerz program.

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A key factor that focused on in all the games and activities is character development. When engaged in a group activity, everyone sees the decisions that other people make and can determine whether they are for the benefit of the group or for the individual. Guardians helps kids understand the value of making choices that benefit the group. The concept of WE=ME helps kids learn that their success is directly linked to their team's success.