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Super Moverz Home Base

A Message From Master Commander


Core Elements

Super Moverz has a framework of Core Powers to allow kids to take charge of improving their different abilities, while also learning that all powers are connected to each other (Safety, Unity, Power, Energy, Reaction).                 Learn More...


The Team Challengerz program provides the next level for budding athletes that are beyond the Super Moverz mindset but still love to play new-age games while staying fit and getting stronger.  With an awesome program of team-oriented multi-sport activities, Team Challengerz are able to push their mental and physical boundaries in order reach higher levels of individual and team-based achievement.  The curriculum aims to prepare kids for success in sports and in life by supporting skills and concepts connected to lifelong fitness, team interactions, and building good character.


Our Trainers are ready to come and demonstrate the positive powers of Super Moverz and or Team Challengerz.  The best way to understand how our multifaceted program works is by seeing it in action.  We are happy to come to elementary schools or preschools - for assemblies, recess times and or after school events.  We can also do demonstrations for any type of community organization, such as: church groups, play groups, summer camps, etc.

Welcome to Super Moverz HOME BASE! 

Would your child like to play amazing games that are challenging and exciting while improving their sports skills? 
Does your kid like to jump into a fantasy world of sports and adventure with: pirates, princesses, heroes, picklefrogs, jedi, and dragons?
Would you like your kid to learn positive group interaction skills that help lay the early foundation for building good character?  
Super Moverz is for you!
Super Moverz represents the next stage in the evolution of kids sports. By merging super creative games with a unifying hero theme, kids finally get an experience that truly speaks their language.  


"This was the first program for younger kids that really clicked with all three of my kids.  I love how the stories directly connect to the games"
Christine Libby, Super Moverz Mom

"After just one class, my daughter could not stop talking about how cool the activities were and how she wanted to make her 'Will Power' stronger, just like Serenity talked about in the audio message"
Geoff Ballard, Super Moverz Dad

"When you see the kids jump so naturally into fantasy mode and play fast and hard in really awesome games, it is easy understand why they always want to come back for more." 
Jena Saleri, Super Moverz Mom