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Super Moverz Home Base

Super Moverz: ages 3-7

Skills and Concepts

Our dynamic, high-energy program keeps kids moving and motivated  to 'Power Up' their many abilities through imaginary story lines that are connected to an ever-increasing list of games, challenges, and group activities.
The carefully designed curriculum allows boys and girls of all ability levels to discover and develop a full spectrum of skills and conceptual understandings that support physical, social, and emotional development.

The Next Level: ages 8-14

This action-packed program puts kids into games and activities that are like real-life video games, allowing for ever-increasing levels of challenge and complexity.  In Team Challengerz, kids don't even realize their doing fitness and improving skills, because they are so stimulated by the truly amazing games that are all synced with pumping music and use unique equipment (Zabers, inflatable barriers, low obstacle courses, coated foam balls, etc.).
Team Challengerz provides a continuation of the Super Moverz program - with team-oriented, non-traditional sports activities that challenge kids to push past their mental and physical boundaries in order to reach higher levels of individual and team-based achievement.  The curriculum aims to prepare kids for any sport, by reinforcing all-around athletic skills and concepts as well as strength and fitness development.


Greetings Super Moverz! 
Congratulations on discovering the Super Moverz Home Base.  Here you will learn all about the growing team of little heroes who are all increasing their many physical and mental powers through our amazing sports adventure program.  

Super Moverz provides multiple opportunities for kids to blast into a unique world of fantasy and all around sports fun with specialized Classes, Camps, and Parties. 

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Our Trainers are excited and ready to demonstrate the positive powers of the Super Moverz and Team Challengerz programs!  We are happy to come to elementary schools and or preschools for assemblies, recess times and after school.  We can also do demo's for any type of community organization, such as: church groups, play groups, summer camps, etc. 

Core Powers

Core Elements
Super Moverz supports ongoing development of a wide range of skills and concepts that are all reinforced and connected to the Core Powers:

Safety, Unity, Power, Energy, Reaction

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Exercise and Nutrition

Throughout the program Super Moverz kids are reinforced with the values of exercise, eating healthy, and getting proper rest.  These three areas are all connected to the Core Power of Energy.  Kids listen to messages from Master Commander, receive stickers, and earn 'Energy' power level bracelets for their efforts to take care of their bodies.  

Higher Purpose

Super Moverz gives kids a chance to be part of a growing team of little heroes who are all working together to 'Power Up' their many skills and abilities while also gaining a deeper awareness of the world around them.