super Moverz - Ages: 5-7

team Challengerz - Ages: 8-12


Blast into a full week of EXTREME FUN!

"Super Moverz was by far the most fun camp that my daughter went to this year.  She was so excited to go everyday and see what new adventures they were going on!"                      -Super Moverz mom. 

Camps allow kids to work in teams, build sports skills, and get fit while playing the most amazing adventure games ever created!

Also, kids get plenty of time with the zip lines, rope swings, water games, and more...

Weeklong camps allow kids to go deeper into all the team adventure games and push themselves to reach new heights in their individual skills while also learning what it takes to be a positive team player.    

Park Camps

Park camps are the ultimate venue for both the Super Moverz and the Team Challengerz programs.  The natural environments allow more freedom to use various terrain and to able to set up rope swings, zip-lines, and play endless adventure games.  

Beach Camps

Super Moverz beach camps are a super fun option for kids to experience all the games and team-building action on the sand and in the ocean. Kids learn how to be safe and enjoy the waves on foam surfboards and boogie boards! 

Indoor Camps

Super Moverz camps can also be held inside gyms or multipurpose rooms.  The beauty of the program is that it is very flexible and can utilize many different spaces and environments.  


"It was perfect for me to be able to drop all three kids at the same camp and have them all be challenged at their own levels."                             - Team Challengerz/Super Moverz mom.

Kids also get the chance to create their own games and build their own implements in the Game Factory zone, including: portable barriers, forts, foam noodle devices, bungee ball swingers, shields, and much more...



"There is something very special about this program!  My son was so excited to get his player card and all the cards from the other kids as well.  We still have them on our fridge" -Super Moverz dad.