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Train like a hero

We Come To You!

Super Moverz is a very flexible and portable program that is delivered in various types of locations, including: preschools, elementary schools, parks, gyms, recreation centers, etc. We bend and shapeshift to fit the curriculum into whatever environment is available. 


"When you see the kids so easily slip into fantasy mode and play with such passion, it is easy to understand why they always want to come back for more."

Classes provide a platform for kids to improve their many sports powers over the course of 8-10 weeks.

Each lesson builds on the last one, with a consistent connection to the Power Core and a focus on developing physical literacy.

Master Commander provides audio messages with important lessons about safety, teamwork, will power, nutrition, and much more... 

Player Cards

Player Cards

Player cards provide feedback and track each player's progress towards becoming Master Moverz!   Kids also learn how to handle the social and emotional side of competition by understanding how to react to others with control by using their Will Power and Mindfulness skills.  



Age specific Programs

Micro Moverz   (age: 2)

The Micro Moverz curriculum is designed to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the very youngest of our Super Moverz family.  At this level, kids explore various locomotor movements and begin to learn fundamental movement skills, while engaging with different equipment.

Mini Moverz (age: 3)

Mini Moverz begin learning various concepts, such as spatial awareness, the use of force and power, timing, and communication.  They also focus on improving their all around athletic skills, including: throwing, catching, striking, agility, balance, and many more...

Mighty Moverz    (ages: 4 & 5)

Mighty Moverz experience a large leap forward in terms of their ability to participate in more complex games and understanding the concepts of: fairness, will-power, form, timing, use of space, and risk-taking.  They also begin to take charge of their own learning by connecting their Super Moverz lessons to the outside world as they begin to participate in other sports.

Mega Moverz     (ages: 6 & 7)

Mega Moverz are provided with greater physical and team-oriented challenges, which continue to support athletic skills, fitness, and concepts associated with traditional sports, such as: reaction, communication, timing, creating space, and many more...