Sports Adventures for Little Heroes

Join the adventure!

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Blast into a world of action and adventure as you play the super-fun live action games that help take your REAL-LIFE powers to the next level...and BEYOND!  

Whether in a CLASS,  CAMP, or PARTY  Super Moverz kids are all part an ever-growing team of young heroes who like to play hard, have fun and...

Power UP!

Our goal is to share the joy of active and creative play with kids to help build a strong foundation of physical competence and social awareness. 

Super Moverz helps kids focus on improving their overall physical abilities, including:

Locomotion (footwork, balance, spatial awareness) 

Implement control (positioning, timing, grip, form)

Gross Motor (throwing, catching, kicking). 

Kids also learn to take control of their own thinking and social interactions through the Core Powers of:

Safety, Unity, Energy, and Reaction

These Core Powers help focus learning and connect to other concepts related to teamwork, nutrition, mindfulness, compassion, and much more...


"After just one class, my daughter could not stop talking about how cool the games were and how she wanted to make her Will Power even stronger."                                               -Super Moverz Dad


"This was the first program for younger kids that really clicked with all three of my kids. I love how the stories directly connect to the games"         

  -Super Moverz Mom




"The player cards were the biggest hit.  All the kids loved trading their cards on the last day of camp and its so awesome that the powers promote things like teamwork and having positive energy!"             -Super Moverz Mom


Endless Adventure

Simply put, Super Moverz has the most amazing adventure games on the planet. With storylines, music, and super cool equipment, kids are swept away into worlds of fun with ever increasing levels of challenge and complexity.


Play with Purpose

All of the adventure games are designed with clearly defined skills and concepts. Kids get immersed in an imaginary mission (like rescuing the power crystal from the Space Monkeys) while improving their sports skills and thinkinig about their actions.


Focus on Character

Super Moverz also provides kids with a sense of belonging to a real team, with the common purpose of training to be real-life heroes who value honesty, respect, fairplay and working together to help make the world a better place.


Weekly classes are offered at elementary schools, local parks pre-schools, and sports centers.

Classes are typically offered in 8 -10 week blocks, with kids moving through a progressive series of training adventures that put them into imaginary story lines with different music and equipment sets for each game. Click HERE for more information about Classes.


A Full Week of ALL DAY FUN! 

Weekly Camps typically happen during school holidays and summer breaks. Age appropriate programs are offered to younger and older siblings.  Click HERE for more information about Camps.  Two age groups:

Super Moverz - age: 5-7

Challengerz - age: 8-12


Pick a theme and let us entertain the kids for hours!

         Party theme options include:

Hero Training 101

Jedi Justice

Royalty Rescue

Minecraft Mania

Ninjago - Next Level

Peek Power Rangers

and many more...


Upcoming Sessions:

Will be offered in the Fall of 2017.  

Please contact us if you would like to have a free demo or bring Super Moverz to your school or community. 


                          Weeklong camps:  

    This summer:        Ryan Park in PV 9:00am - 3:00pm





Themed parties offer fun and adventure for kids aged: 3-UP.  We also do parties and team-building events for all types of groups for kids and adults. 

To learn more about Parties or schedule one - Contact us 




The NExt level

Ages 8-12