Power UP!

Real Life powers - real life lessons

We = Me

With a responsive and collaborative approach to teaching, our trainers guide kids to learn how their actions affect the whole group.  Justice Councils serve a as way to allow kids to express themselves and learn mindful tools to help them understand their feelings and control their actions.   

Wyatt Cameron, Founder, brings 20+ years of teaching Physical Education and has been providing Super Moverz (ages: 3-7) and Challengerz (ages: 8-12) classes, camps and parties in Southern California since 2008. 

Super Moverz helps to unleash the power of imagination and use it to energize and motivate kids to engage and improve their abilities!


Safety, Unity, Energy, and Reaction.

Master Commander (AKA: Omnicom)

Master Commander (AKA: Omnicom)

Master Commander teaches kids about the Power Core, which helps to demonstrate the value of exercise, nutrition,  teamwork, being safe, and much more.

Develop important skills:  

Throwing, Catching, Striking, Reacting, Agility, Balance, Teamwork, Honesty, Will Power, and many more...


With storylines, music, super-cool equipment, and different roles for everyone to play - THE GAMES are what keep the kids coming back for more!  Every game has been well tested and refined to maximize FUN while also supporting the development of specific skills and conceptual understandings. 



Safety is the key to keeping the games going and fun flowing. Super Moverz helps kids improve their safety powers by controlling their own bodies and actions within an activity. Kids learn to 'size up' challenges and take risks in a safe way.    


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Together we are strong! Learning how to be a good teammate is very important, both in Super Moverz and in life. Being able to rely on others for help and also giving your support when they need it is the greatest 'power' of them all.   


Eat Well.  Sleep Long. Play Hard.  These three things will lead to happy, healthy people who want to attack life with full power!  Super Moverz teaches kids to take care of their bodies and their minds so they can be the most energetic little heroes as possible!  


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The power to react with control over your body and your mind is one of the most challenging powers to master.  Being able to slow the mind in the heat of play, and react in a positive way, is a very special power that Super Moverz kids are always learning to master.